The Working of IPTV Streaming and Data Collection of the Users

The advancement in the science and technology with the passage of time has resulted in the growth of satellite service, the rise of digital cable services and ultimately giving birth to high definition television more popularly known as HDTV which is its abbreviated form. All these modernized methods have ruled this field over the last decade or so. But in the twenty first century, a new delivery method appeared of distribution of cable televisions which promises to threaten all the conventional methods of delivery. This method is much more powerful than the conventional methods and this is nothing other than Internet Protocol Television abbreviated as IPTV and is backed up by the deep pockets of the telecommunications industry. The IPTV subscription is gaining a lot of popularity since its inception and the subscriptions are constantly increasing at an increasing rate.

The users of IPTV generate huge records of data every single moment. The data shows various details of the customers that are as mentioned below.

  • It shows which television channels the customer watch.
  • What media content the customers are viewing.
  • What kind of programs in the television subscribers are watching.
  • How long the programs are viewed
  • How often the programs are viewed.

The collection of these records plays an important role in helping the IPTV providers to know about the interest of the people and their thoughts. This might prove to be of immense benefit in future. At the moment, there is no unique standard method of collection of data and its processing. Currently, each of the IPTV providers handles the data in a different way. Some of the solutions do not allow collecting data about the viewed channels and programs.

Methods for Collecting IPTV Data

The Internet Protocol Televisionsolution has multiple nodes in its working which are as mentioned below.

  • The IPTV streamers
  • The IPTV encoders
  • A middleware
  • A billing solution
  • Video on demand
  • Content access systems
  • A system of management of the digital rights

The others are on the IPTV end. The key point of data collection is the IPTV middleware. Each and every subscriber must communicate with the IPTV middleware for the receiving of a television channel and various other multimedia content.

The IPTV middleware also provides some other specific functions that are as mentioned below.

It provides a resource management function which is basically a functional module that play a crucial role in the management of system resources in the terminal devices of Internet Protocol Television.

Secondly it provides an application management function which is a functional module that helps to manage the life cycle of applications and the operations of interactions between them.

There are various other IPTV solutions that have many features and characteristics as well but these middleware solutions for IPTV offers several features that are simply unmatched by the functionality that is provided by the other solutions. Hence, middleware is considered to be the best IPTV solution.


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